Vietnam Culture & Arts

Culture & Art of Vietnam

Vietnam Ao dai (tunic)

Along with the passing time, the "ao dai" of Vietnamese ladies have been changed and become more perfectly done. lt rather smoothly moulds the body that can show the tender curves of the body and to be very suitable with the little figure of Vietnamese ladies. The two fore and back flaps are failing drawn to the mid legs and Iissomly flying with the wind in accordance with the rhythm of every step thus time of time show the white and thin silk trousers. The both sides are cut a little higher than belt that glimpsingly shows the body. The sleeves are not wide and little cupped, and they could reach to 3/4 of arm stretch if wishing to have a young and healthy look.

Vietnam Poetry conical hat

Vietnam quai thaoThe shape of today poetry conical hat is a product of long times selecting and practical using for protection from the ram and sunshine. in order to make a beautiful hat, the masters must carefully select the young leaves of palms, then dry and fiat them before covering them on the hat skillfully.

Vietnam Food

Vietnamese food is not only tastefully prepared Vietnam Food Phobut also attractively decorated. Once you are in Vietnam, please don't hesitate to enjoy traditional dishes: pho (soup with beef or chicken), nem ran (spring roll), bun (vermicelli with meat), La Vong fish pie (grilled fish), bun cha (vermicelli with baked meat and sweetened-sour fish sauce), bun oc (shellfish soup and vermicelli)

Vietnam Art

There are popular dances, songs, music and popular stories: Cheo (popular opera), Tuong (classical opera), Cai luong (reformed opera) but the most special is Roi nuoc (water puppet).

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